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(1 Dozen) Maryland Blue Crabs {LIVE}-(2) Mallets-(2) Crab Knives-(2) Crab Bibs-(1) lb Crab Spice

  • LIVE-Blue Crab Trading will not refund any money on dead loss on live orders. Dead loss is expected and can be avoided by ordering your crabs steamed. You can expect to loss between 15% and your entire order to dead loss.  

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Blue Crab Trading Company exclusively offers these premium Blue Crabs by the Dozen.

1 Dozen Maryland Blue Crabs can feed 1-2 people.  


Invite the Ladies to your Crab Feast!  “Which ladies?” you may ask.  Maryland Blue Crab Females, the “Sooks,” of course!

The Sooks always liven up the party with their sweeter, denser meat than their male counterpart.  Our Bay pots attracted these well-groomed swimmers with their “red nail polish” talons and bold bell-shaped aprons.  Yes, everyone raves over the “Beautiful Swimmer,” but what’s under the shell matters!  These Ladies never act superficially.  They arrive to your feast with delicately tender meat that steams and spices into a unique Bay favorite.  Don’t worry.  Female populations abound this year, so reserve a bushel or two today.  Our crab-house suggests about 6 female crabs per adult eater and to either allow us to steam your jumbo females or ship them for your own cooking expertise.  If you like mustard with the crab meat, use the steaming recipe that ensures the mustard remains in the crab.  Prepare yourself for an added delicacy. Some females may contain roe or crab eggs, a crab caviar.  These female crabs really get this party started right!


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