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[LIVE] Dozen Maryland Hard Shell Blue Crabs (1) mallet- (1 lb Spice)

  • LIVE-Blue Crab Trading will not refund any money on dead loss on live orders. Dead loss is expected and can be avoided by ordering your crabs steamed. You can expect to loss between 15% and your entire order to dead loss.  (+$10.00)

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Everyone loves a fatty! Check out the “science” in potting meat-filled blue crabs!

Knowing when to select a crab or to throw it back in the Bay requires a keen eye and a quick touch of the shell. Our experienced Blue Crab Trading crabbers can sort through crabs like a machine, but how can we break down the process? We can start by saying light crabs or recently molted crabs represent the cycle of Nature, so realize these crabs will grow into their shells soon. Then too it will be a fatty! Crabs from the mud and “seem heavy” will also grow to fill their shells with delicious meat, so all is good! Let Mother Nature grow the crabs as you pick the fatties. That brings us to the tips.

  1. A clean, shiny shell with a “slight translucence to it” is normally a crab that’s not quite grown into its new shell yet.
  2. Quickly apply pressure to the carapace or shell on the belly next around the third leg and if it’s firm, you have a crab with loads of meat.
  3. Possibly, the best sign is a quick feel of weight and an eye on the undercarriage that shows a “Rusty Belly.”  These crabs will make you fall in love with the jumbo, lump, and claw meat!
  4. Our crab house chose the fatties for your online order since we love crabs too!

Decide on your size and place your order.

Our watermen size your heavy crabs into 5 categories using a traditional grading scale.  You can assume that the larger the crab, the more claw, lump and jumbo meat you’ll find.  Do your research on recipes and sizes for your party.  We discuss these ideas on our Blog. Look at the sizes.  We place the crab upside down and measure them from point-to-point on the shell.

Heavy Live Beastly Crabs

Super: 7” + [Crab fans cheer over this HUGE miracle of Nature.  Loads of jumbo meat pull from the back-swimming legs.  Mounds of lump and claw meat burst from this behemoth crab!]

X-Large: 6 ½”-7” [Even though the X-Large measures a bit less, you’ll still find loads of crab meat.  Many crab fans attest that the X-Large truly satisfies!]

Large: 6”- 6 ½” [Large crabs fit the #1 category and don’t disappoint. With rusty bellies, these crabs grew to heavy weights.]

Medium: 5 ½”-6” [Medium crabs may serve as an appetizer or a fun-sized crab that gives you the opportunity “to grab another.”  It’s amazing how this category can include some meaty monsters!]

Small: 5”- 5 ½” [All our crabs have loads of meat and are freshly caught, so the small are nothing to sneeze at!  Try a dozen or two and enjoy the taste of the Bay!]