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Maryland Blue Crabs by the Bushel- (10) Mallets-(10) Crab Bibs-(10) Crab Knives- (1) Lb Crab Spice

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What food headlines your Crab Feast?  A bushel of Maryland Blue Crabs?  You know the cracking and picking gives everyone a sense of togetherness.  A oneness for good 'old fashioned crab eating.  So, you ordered a bushel from Blue Crab Trading.  All tools (mallets, knives, bibs) and meaty crabs arrive in a custom refrigerated (with gel packs) cooler.  It doesn’t get better than this!  Then you think, what else should I serve?  We asked three crab feast planners for their suggestions.

Cathy: “I’m a true Baltimore girl!  That means, you serve crabs alone with heavy spice and hot butter or remoulade on the side.  Sometimes I get creative and fill ramekins with vinegar and Old Bay for dipping.”

Donna: “We don’t mess around with the small crabs.  My peeps eat Jumbos, the biggest crabs.  Sometimes the jumbo meat just falls out of the shell and tastes amazing in hot butter.  So good!  We have kids so we serve cornbread, con-on-the-cob and succotash salad using zucchini from our garden.

Susan: “I’m not much into steamed crabs.  Louisiana boils fit my style.  We have a large vat we place over a fire and pour 10 gallons of water into it and boil those crustaceans!  Then we throw kielbasa, potatoes, corn and artichokes in the mix.  We douse it with beer and Old Bay and gather around waiting for the crabs to turn orange. “

No matter how you prepare, eat or serve with your crabs, you may want to get your plan together now.  Who knows?  You may not have to do this alone.  Ask all your guests and make it a group cookoff!

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Blue Crab Trading Company catches and scales 3 Exclusive Full Bushel sizes. Order heavy, robust crabs live or have us steam them in our cast iron pots.  Our intricate cooking steps ensure even temperatured white, delicate meat that will pick easily from claws and body.  Enjoy the amenities of selected spice amounts, wooden mallets, and adult poly crab bibs.  Roll-up the sleeves, lay down the feasting table-cloth, and prepare for mouth-watering lump and jumbo pieces of crab ready for dipping in hot butter or remoulade sauce!

Jumbo Crabs consist of LargeExtra-Large and Legend crabs from 6 to 7+ inches (5 dozen).

Jimmy Crabs consist of Medium and Large crabs from 5.5 to 6.5 inches (6 dozen).

Bay Crabs consist of Small and Medium Crabs from to inches (7 dozen).

*Female/Sook Crabs consist of Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large crabs from 5-7 inches (6-8 dozen).

Just a few tips from the chef:  A full bushel feeds 10 people and arrives with (10) Mallets-(10) Crab Bibs-(10) crab knives- (1) lb. crab spice with each order.