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[STEAMED} (3 Dozen) Small Male Hard Shell Maryland Blue Crabs (5-5.5 inches) -(2) Mallets

Price: $124.99

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  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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Did you know that the Chesapeake Bay wears the title as “The Largest Estuary of the World”?

Ideal conditions exist for those crawling and yes, swimming Blue Crabs. In fact, Bay professionals tally the number at 600 million for this entire crabbing season. Captain James paused in his bushel organizing and smiled with a truly robust grin and said, “This year’s Bay conditions give our Blues a perfect growing sanctuary. Fat crabs, lump meat, everything our fans like!” The perfect mix of saltwater and fresh, better known as brackish create salty-sweet meat within the crab’s armor. In fact, five rivers run into the Bay and the Virginia tidal water establishing a perfect home for our Beautiful Swimmers. The Susquehanna, Potomac, Rappahannock, York and James churn the waters into a habitat perfect for spawning and crab activities. Captain James warns us that winter and icy temperatures can change the game, but for now, let Fat Crab Season continue! Click here to read more at our blog.

Blue Crab Trading Company exclusively offers premium Blue Crabs by the dozen and carefully grades the sizes from small to extra-large.  Some enthusiasts opt for the female crab with denser meat while others prefer the flaky male meat. Diners claim the female meat tastes sweeter, however. We challenge you to decide for yourself and let us know!

Heavy Live Beastly Crabs

Super: 7” + [Crab fans cheer over this HUGE miracle of Nature.  Loads of jumbo meat pull from the back-swimming legs.  Mounds of lump and claw meat burst from this behemoth crab!]

X-Large: 6 ½”-7” [Even though the X-Large measures a bit less, you’ll still find loads of crab meat.  Many crab fans attest that the X-Large truly satisfies!]

Large: 6”- 6 ½” [Large crabs fit the #1 category and don’t disappoint. With rusty bellies, these crabs grew to heavy weights.]

Medium: 5 ½”-6” [Medium crabs may serve as an appetizer or a fun-sized crab that gives you the opportunity “to grab another.”  It’s amazing how this category can include some meaty monsters!]

Small: 5”- 5 ½” [All our crabs have loads of meat and are freshly caught, so the small are nothing to sneeze at!  Try a dozen or two and enjoy the taste of the Bay!]