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(3 Dozen) Small Male Maryland Crabs (5-5.5 inches) -(2) Mallets-(2) Knives- (2) Bibs- (1 lb) Crab Spice

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Blue Crab Trading Company exclusively offers premium Blue Crabs by the dozen and carefully grades the sizes from small to extra-large.  Some enthusiasts opt for the female crab with denser meat while others prefer the flaky male meat. Diners claim the female meat tastes sweeter, however. We challenge you to decide for yourself and let us know!

Known as “Beautiful Swimmers” geared with paddle shaped legs, these crustaceans reside in brackish estuaries and salt marches along US’s eastern seaboard and into the Gulf.  With the semi-salty water and a diet of clams, mussels, snails, and plants, these crabs offer a salty-sweet meat ready for hot butter dipping and JO spice flavoring.  Join the craze and get a crack’n, pick’n and dipp’n!  Our crew calculates that 1 dozen crabs feeds 1-2 people and they carefully pack (2) Mallets-(2) Crab Knives-(2) Seafood Bibs (1 lb.) Crab Spice in your order.

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