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New Year's Eve Crabs

Let’s hear it for a Crabiliscious 2023!

Frigid winds hitting Blue Crab Trading’s wooden docks, coupled with piercing currents, rushing around the dock’s pilings means the blue crab has played the part of the “snowbird” and swam to safer waters. Their vacation spot lays deep within the bay’s bottom muddy floor. They back-up their hind swimming legs and hide in the soot, waiting for spring. Still other crabs pack their shells and head to the bay’s mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. Female Sooks traditionally swim further out into the ocean, but both need to find brackish water, less than 30% salt.

Our boats also search out waters with active crabs for your New Year’s Feast. With the regal of a perfect feast to usher in the new year, chefs search for crab dinner packages like the Double Dozen Large {6”-6.5”} and Maryland 4 oz. Crab Cakes, a robust and delicious spread. Start 2023 by sharing a meal that keeps to the Chesapeake Bay Tradition. Other connoisseurs enjoy pairing a bay half bushel with a hefty bag of Littleneck Clams. Steamed in garlic butter sauce and served with toasted crostini, these clams serve as a captivating opening act for crabs. Make it a “Crabiliscious” start to the New Year, truly a good luck dinner, especially with FREE Shipping!

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