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Golden - King Crab Legs-[FROZEN]

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Try the exotic, famous Golden King Crab Legs, featuring pure white, mild tasting meat in the leg’s center and red highlights along the outer layers.  Caught near the Aleutian Islands in the Bering Sea, this economical King Crab Leg serves well with clarified, steaming hot butter, and complements a tender steak, steamed shrimp, buttery corn-on-the-cob, or your dietary choice.  With 1b. and 5 lb. options, your King Crab Feast options abound!  Try grilling for a char-grilled flavor; steam for a buttery, juicy texture, or bake adding to a majestic delicious meal.  Don’t know how much to order?  You get about two legs per pound with the 16-20 count.  Bon appetite! The way crab legs are graded a 16-20 ct is the amount of crab legs you would get in 10 lbs. 

King Crab  legs consist of claws and legs. Orders may be a mixture of legs and claws. They may also be only claws or only legs.