Jonah Crabs

Crack off a claw; they’ll grow more.  The powers of the Jonah Crab!

Caught in baited pots or traps from New York to Massachusetts shorelines, Jonah Crabs resemble the Western Coast Dungeness, but grow to a smaller size.  Don’t worry about the taste, though.  It’s scrumptious!  The claws tantalize the taste buds with tender, flaky meat with a sweet finisher.  Go ahead and eat with assurance since the claws break off at the joint that quickly heals and grows a new one.  In fact, Jonah Crabs naturally lose their claws when scurrying through tight spots or escaping sea predators.  With 26 calories, 5 grams of protein and 128 mg of omega-3s, you can’t go wrong with this dietary choice.  What an exquisite meal!  Try Jonah Crab Linguine with Garlic & Chile Sauce or grab some cocktail sauce and get a dipp’n! Follow us on Facebook for recipes and blogs.



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(2 lb Bag) Frozen Triple Scored Atlantic Jonah Crab Claws



If legs don’t fit your cuisine, try a side dish or appetizer of  Triple Scored Jonah Crab Claws .  For ease and dipping convenience these... More

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