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USDA Choice Angus New York Strip Steaks

You may believe you are sitting in a fine steak house when you first experience the aroma, then your knife blade glides through your first juice-filled cut,... More

  • (2) 14 -16 Oz New York Strip Steak (+$44.99)
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USDA Choice Angus Top Sirloins

Our popular Top Sirloins have a bold and beefy flavor you'll love with a traditional marbling and texture consistent with our Premium Gold Angus line.

  • (2) 8 oz USDA Choice Angus Top Sirloins- (+$35.99)
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USDA Choice Angus T-Bone Steak

This pure black angus steak is named for its distinctive "T" shaped bone, which separates the tender Filet Mignon portion from the juicy and flavorful Strip...

  • (2) 15-19 oz USDA Choice Angus T-Bone Steaks (+$69.99)
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USDA Choice Angus Porterhouse Steaks

This steak will provide you with the best of both worlds, the distinct flavor and texture of our Strip Steak and the unforgettable tenderness and flavor of...

  • (2) 17 -21 oz USDA Choice Angus Porterhouse Steaks (+$79.99)
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USDA Choice Angus Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons

This flavorful beef-bacon union is sure to bring out the meat lover in everyone!

  • (2) 6-9 Oz Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons (+$29.99)
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(8) 3 oz Chicken Sausage Links

Our chicken sausage is made with the best ingredients available. It is fully cooked and packed full of flavor. Just heat and serve this delicious item.

(2) 14-16 oz Texas Mesquite Marinated Chicken Breasts
$12.99   $7.99

Our Herb Marinated Chicken Breasts are expertly seasoned for authentic taste that saves time but never sacrifices flavor!

Chicken Wings

Whether you are looking for the perfect food for the big game, a delicious treat for friends or family, or you are just looking for most delicious wings... More

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(5) (4 oz) 100% Organic/ Grass Fed Angus/Piedmontese Burgers


(4 oz ) Steak Burgers

Our thick, flavorful beef patties are ground from our own lean beef! Plus, these burgers won't shrink up like the ones from the supermarket!

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Homemade Beef Jerky

A unique and tasty treat, each piece of jerky is carefully sliced, seasoned and individually grilled for a true barbecue taste.

Jerky|Meat Sticks

Random Assortment of Duck, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Elk, Venison, Alligator, Buffalo, Boar or Beef. We will randomly choose a flavor for each order.