Smoked Fish and Meats
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(8 oz Portion) Hungarian Style Smoked Salmon [FROZEN]
$18.99   $12.99

Our flagship product, Hungarian Style Smoked Salmon is hand crafted using only the finest ingredients. We procure fresh, North Atlantic Salmon for its... More

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(8 oz Portion) Premium Nova Style Smoked Salmon [FROZEN]
$19.99   $13.99

The production staff meticulously hand trim and cure the freshest North Atlantic Salmon fillets, then cold smoke them in our European made smokehouse. The... More

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(8 oz Portion) Smoked Lemon Pepper Rainbow Trout [FROZEN]
$18.99   $13.99

We source fresh, local Boneless Rainbow Trout Fillets from crystal clear artesian waters in central Pennsylvania.  By utilizing a local product, we... More

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(Approx 12 oz Portion) Natural Wood Smoked Duck Breast
$18.99   $15.99

Sugartown's smoking staff processes the Breast of the Moulard Duck exclusively. Commonly known as Magret, the Breasts are large, boneless, and prized for... More

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(6-8 oz Portion) Lemon Pepper Smoked Tilapia- [FROZEN]


$18.99   $5.99

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