2016/2017 Groupon Deal Shipping Information

Welcome to the Groupon Shipping Information Page

  • Shipping can be calculated for each order by using our "shipping estimation tool."
  • Simply add the items that you are interested in purchasing and enter your zip code and date in which you desire to receive your package.
  • Groupon Vouchers can be used only for product costs, not toward shipping costs
  • Shipping Is Based On the Following Factors For Pricing:

-Delivery Date

-Weight Of Product

-Method of shipping to ensure that the product arrives safely.

*While every zip code and product assortment can vary greatly, different orders can expect the following average shipping prices. 

Ground 1-4 Day

$16.99- $45.99

2 Day Air $29.99-$59.99

1 Day Air $35.99- $79.99

**Please note: These are estimates based on average shipping weight. Ordering more product can increase shipping costs.