2016/2017 Groupon Deal Shipping Information

Welcome The Groupon Shipping Information Page. 

Shipping can be calculated for each order by using our shipping estimation tool.

Simply add the items you are interested in purchasing and enter your zip code and date you wish to received your package.

Groupon Voucher Can Be used Only For Product Costs Not Towards Shipping Costs. 

Shipping Is Based On the Following Factors For Pricing.

-Delivery Date

-Weight Of Product

-Method Of Shipping To Make Sure Product Arrives Safely.

While every zip code and product assortment can greatly different customers can expect the following average shipping prices. 

Ground 1-4 Day

$16.99- $45.99

2 Day Air $29.99-$59.99

1 Day Air $35.99- $79.99

*Not these are estimates based on average shipping weight. Ordering more product can increase shipping costs.